Changing roles, changing routines – how to manage your health and well-being from home to hotel

That first Sunday night bag back as I prepared for my new contract used to fill me with a mixture of excitement and dread…


And of course, the big question, do I pack my gym kit and my trainers?


Inevitably the answer would be “No, I’ll be too busy with work, it’s going to be full on and of course, it just makes my bag heavier with everything else I’ve got to take with me”


I get it….  Our focus is on the role at hand and often we just have to take a back seat as we fling ourselves into the new role, new routine, demanding clients, and actually just getting on with the job!


And it took me a long time to realise, that creating some simple routines alongside the routine of work could bring great benefits to my weight, my overall health and my energy levels.


It doesn’t have to be complex, in fact, when I work with clients we make it as simple as we possibly can so that they can make a commitment without feeling there’s more overwhelm and something else to think of.


Here’s three simple things you can do to (start today even!) to help with your weight loss, energy levels and overall health.



The last thing most people want to do is to finish work and then spend an hour on the treadmill.  Exercise can be anything you like, even walking a bit more will help, but one thing I suggest time-strapped people do is a little bit of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

I know that can sound scary but the best thing is you work at your maximum effort – no one else’s!

If you can commit 20 minutes three times a week, this will start to bring great benefits.

For example, you could warm up for minimum of 3 minutes, then do sprints on the spot (think Ussain Bolt on the spot, arms pumping) for 30 seconds work, then 1 minute rest. Repeat this 6 times, cool down and stretch and you’ve just completed a very effective exercise.



Most people get caught short with food and grab the first thing that comes to hand, particularly at lunch time – you’re in the office, you can’t get out.

Top tip – take something in with you before you get in the office.  Make sure you have veggies/salad and a good source of protein (lean meats, fish, lentils pulses) with a good source of healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, nuts) and you’ll feel fuller for longer.

And even if you can commit to a healthy breakfast and lunch, that gives you much more evening flexibility.



 Well, stress can impact on a lot of things, and the impact on the hormones that work together for fat loss can easily get out of kilter.

But one way to combat stress is to make sure you get a good 7-9 hours sleep.  Switch off gadgets (stop phone fiddling) and make sure you get a decent night’s sleep for optimal body recovery and health benefits.


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