Another interim manager living the dual life moving from home to hotel, always rushing to the next meeting, or role, and losing her mojo.  Linda tried my 5 day challenge and nearly a year later came back. In 12 weeks she absolutely smashed it losing 17lbs and reclaiming her body.


“I highly recommend Lisa she has been of great support to me. Totally flexible and understands self employment challenges !! Couldn’t recommend more highly ?”

Andy decided to embark on his own “Live Longer” programme which saw him making major changes and overhauling his life.  One of the most determined folks ever to hit his goals. A massive 28lbs in 12 weeks, he decided to carry on with Project You

In his words “I remember looking at a Linkedin post from this woman who had the usual ‘I’m dead-slim, I don’t even have to make an effort’ pose, who claimed to be able to help people lose weight. Yeah right. Pass. But hang on, this woman specialised in Interims and that got me curious. Worth a message…”

“I’m 55 – I’ve tried all of the ‘popular’ diets and methods out there and just couldn’t make something work for myself. But I never stopped being determined to find a method that I could stick to and could give me the results I want for the long term.

I am still a client of Lisa’s, now into my second “Phase” of transformation. Lisa uses a mix of methods across food, exercise, body and mind. I have found her to be completely reliable, practical and, frankly, to have developed a methodology that works.

Using a system of weekly updates and self check-ins, I found it pretty easy to adapt to a routine that she specifically designed for me (so took account of the particular workstyle and needs that I have in my life).

I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Lisa. My weight loss is great, I have more energy, I am more focused at work and I feel all-round better about myself. And the best thing is that the results keep improving, which I can honestly say is down to Lisa and her methodology.”

Lucia is a busy interim professional who had struggled with her weight and challenging working patterns and routines for many years.  Three and a half stone lighter, and taking back control of her life, here’s what she had to say. So proud of the effort and changes she made!


“Working with Lisa has been life changing! Having someone that understands the challenges of working as an interim & the unhealthy, rushed, manic lifestyle it can lead to is refreshing and has enabled me to learn how to manage the challenge & still build in healthy choices & discipline. I feel happier, healthier, I can quickly scan & select meal choices whether it be from hotel menus or selecting things I can bolt together on the go, I understand the impact of my choices and I’m 3 stone lighter than when I started. All that and I’ve made an amazing, kind & thoughtful friend along the way. I highly recommend giving it a go and getting the help & support to make a sustainable change.”

Ned is a busy mother of 1 working full time for a major legal corporation in the City of London. Ned turned 50 last year and was at the point in her life of having tried everything to shift that last pesky half stone. Ned is an avid runner and eats healthily but couldn’t quite work out what to do.

I’m happy to report Ned hit her goal and exceeded it.

“Working with Lisa has been inspirational and I’ve learned so much stuff. I’ve gained some real insights and picked up some great tools that will help me manage diet and fitness going forward to make it work for me in the long term.

he plan is tailored to me and that’s what’s important for it to work. Diets like Weight Watchers or Slimming World don’t look at people’s personality or the way they live, and let’s face it, who wants to go to a weigh in at a cold village hall at 8.00pm on a Monday.

Being 1:1 I’ve got way more traction and better results. It’s also made me accountable – I can’t hide and I can’t cheat but frankly it’s not worth it. And the best thing, if something’s not working for me Lisa looks at doing something that will and that suits me. I get an immediate response, so my motivation doesn’t dip. You’re not going to get that from Weight Watchers, it isn’t that convenient, this is.

Really it’s about making things work for people’s lives and if you do that then they’ll actually get results and take action.”

Amanda works part time and is mum to 2 young girls and a grown-up son. She is getting married this year and has tried every diet going – in her words “I’ve got every diet and cook book going, I could open a library with the amount of stuff I’ve got.” Amanda is 43 and has been searching for the solution to permanent and sustainable weight loss. It’s not just about getting married, it’s doing it for the longer term. Her she shares her experience to date. “At first, I thought I can’t be bothered with all this and honestly it was a bit of an effort. But now I realise it’s not like that at all, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, I enjoy it and I’m on my own journey.  

I love our 1:1 sessions and the exercises, it’s like I’m getting something back for me. When I did the Anna Richardson diet, I thought it was great because I lost loads of weight really quickly, but I put it back on and more.

  I’ve finally got it, that this is going to be sustainable. I hated taking the photos, but now I’ve done it I can really see the difference – I know I’ve got a way to go, but I understand now how important it was to do it.

Victor is 32 and a full time programme manager with a very full on and stressful job.

We’d worked together “back in the day” and reconnected on Linked In about 6 months later. Victor works very long hours and has a number of health issues “I work in a very full on environment and my health and wellbeing had taken a back seat as I managed complex programmes and situations, leaving little time, energy or effort for prioritising exercise and healthy eating. Lisa understood – not only did she know the demands of my role, she understood my work environment and that was key to how we worked to look at the right balance for me – it was tailored to my lifestyle, my demands, my pressures. Whilst the programme did take some thought and effort, it really wasn’t too difficult – probably the hardest thing was needing to eat more! But overall the results made up for that as I lost 12 ½ pounds and 9 inches in 6 weeks. More importantly, my energy levels have improved and the exercise that was once a chore is now part of my routine. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lisa – because she totally gets the work demands, she manages to find the right balance and support to coach people to lead a healthier more balanced lifestyle.”

Kerry is an actress and tutor – how she looks is pivotal to her career, but more so herself.  Stuck in a rut “Groundhog day”, she took a leap of faith and from being cynical and worried, she’s literally changed her life – she’s lost the weight she didn’t believe was possible, moved in with her now fiancé, got jobs she didn’t think was possible….

Here she tells more…

Before I started working with Lisa, I was stuck in a Groundhog Day cycle – 5 pounds off and 5 pounds back on, over and over.  It was frustrating, and I was losing hope. “

“Even when I first began Lisa’s program, I was sceptical because I didn’t have much faith that things would change this time when they hadn’t before.  But after just the first week – making a few very doable changes – I could tell things were finally moving in the right direction!  I’ve now learned that I have the power to make good dietary decisions without existing on just rabbit food – and I can even have some treats – and get the results I want.  

I’ve lost 20 pounds and am wearing the tiny clothes I had stored away in boxes for 4 years!!  I’ve also gained confidence in my career (show biz) because I can now present myself in a way that I feel is more competitive.  I am beyond happy with my results from working with Lisa, and I would definitely recommend her.”

20lbs and 2 dress sizes, I have high hopes for Kerry!

Are you an interim manager or consultant who is successful in their career but can’t seem to replicate that in your health and fitness?  Do you live the “Dual life” from home to hotel and struggle to find the time to create routines? Project You is my 12 week on line programme for interims wanting to lose 15-20lbs without going to the gym every evening nor missing out on your favourite office bake or gin and tonic.  Everyone loses weight in the same way but Project You is created with the busy interim and consultant lifestyle in mind.

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